Do we need to bring food for our children?

    No. We have a qualified cook who caters for all children’s specific dietary needs. We supply breakfast (before 8am), morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon snacks (if they are here after 5). If your child is just starting on solid foods, our cook also caters for this making purees and semi-lumpy foods depending on where children are at with their eating.

    What ages do you cater for?

    We have 3 rooms,

    a 0-2year room which caters for 8-12 children

    a 2-3year room which caters for 10 children

    a 3-5 year room which caters for 25-30 children

    What are your operating hours?

    We are open from 7am till 6pm and only close for 1 week over the Christmas period as well as any other State or National recognised Public Holidays.

    What Documentation do we need to supply?

    Birth certificate

    Immunisation records from Medicare, we can no longer accept the Blue Book.

    Enrolment forms

    Direct debit form

    Portfolio form

    Court order (if applicable)

    What is the ratio for staff and children?

    We have different ratios, depending on the ages of the children.

    0-2 years of age, means for every 4 children we need 1 staff member.

    2-3 years if age, means for every 5 children we need 1 staff member and

    3-5 years of age, means for every 10 children, we need 1 staff member.

    What to bring first day of Preschool?

    All children need a drink bottle with water in it

    Spare clothes eg jumper, pants, top, socks, undies

    If a baby

    Dummy (if they use one)

    Comforter (if they use one)

    Bottle (if they have one during the day, we supply milk however if your child has formula this needs to be brought in in its original packaging.)

    Will you supply nappies for my child?

    Yes! As of July 2018, we will supply nappies for your child/children.