Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


We would like to recognise the traditional owners of this land, the Wodi Wodi people, on whose land we build our community today.


Belonging - We take time to establish secure, nurturing and respectful relationships with all children providing them the confidence needed to explore their environment and express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Being – We allow children time and space to engage in life's joys and support them in choosing where those moments will lead.

Becoming - We see children as unique and capable learners. They are active participants in creating a play based learning environment that reflects their individual interests, strengths and culture.


We strive to develop respectful partnerships with families as they are the primary influence on their children's learning and development. Families' dreams and aspirations for their children are the forces that drive our program.

Families are encouraged to participate in all areas of the program by providing us valuable information about their children, sharing their culture, attending planned events, providing feedback on Kinderloop and discussing the wellbeing and development of their children with educators.


As educator we strive to make every moment matter. We view every moment as an opportunity for children to learn and find joy in their world.

As educators we hold a variety of qualifications, values, skills and beliefs. When combined these attributes along with effective communication skills are the foundation of a committed and dedicated educational team. Educators are supported, appreciated and encouraged by management.

A continuous cycle of improvement is implemented through critical reflection, ongoing professional development and collaboration with other professionals.


Community services, groups, businesses, members and professionals visit the centre to share their knowledge, skills and resources.

We are dedicated to learning about and acknowledging the traditional owners of the land.

As a centre we recognise our responsibility as active community members by raising funds for charities chosen by the Lakeview community.


The environment we provide is recognised for it's potential to inspire and impact children. We work towards creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that is safe and secure with quiet calming areas, soft furnishings and low visual noise that reflects home life and encourages a sense of belonging for children, families and educators.

We are dedicated to embedding and implementing sustainable practices through the use of reusable and sustainable resources, recycling, compositing, edible gardens and the use of natural resources. By presenting the wonders of nature to our children we hope they will gain a sense of love, appreciation and respect for the environment and see the value in sustaining it.


Children's interests are the foundation of a program that is in accordance with the National Quality Standards (NQS) and based on the Early Years Learning framework (EYLF).

Through play children utilise blocks of unstructured time indoor and outdoor, along with a variety of 'loose parts' to problem solve, collaborate, research, communicate, discover, explore, investigate, create, imagine, cooperate, persist, experiment and take risks.

Every child is supported to participate in the program. Educators, health professionals and the use of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) ensure all children feel valued and reach their full potential.

Intentional teaching in small group settings is used to excite, encourage, challenge and provide children with the skills needed for a smooth transition to school.