Our Year so Far..

Our Year so Far..

Lakeview Preschool is continuing to grow, in children, knowledge and relationships with our community. The children are exploring all different types of themes from bugs, to sea creatures, transport, colours, music and more.

We are also enjoying learning Mandarin from one of our mums. We have loved this, spending our Thursday mornings learning how to say hello, my name is , how are you and singing happy birthday. 

We have added some new staff and said goodbye to some. Tiana finished her trainee ship, and Sarah has taken her spot to grow and learn in this industry. Sally has joined us, she has been taking some time off to raise her 4 girls but has decided she needed to get back to the industry she loves. Welcome aboard.

We have had many events, mothers day breakfast, a firetruck came to school and Healthy Harold came and visited too. We still have a few more events to come such as Book week, science week, Fathers Day and more.

We can;t wait to see what the rest of the year has to offer us!

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